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Just from 25.05 to 27.05 2012  two days between yoga and massage to prepare the body and mind the arrival of summer

  Package two nights in double room with buffet breakfast and program   - Saturday at 17:00 Vitale snack with tea and organic teas  

- Saturday 08:30 am: One hour Yoga Nature Yoga lesson lasting at the pool

  - Saturday at 17:00 onwards Sound massage with Tibetan bowls (20 min.)  
  - Saturday at 15.30  : CamminataAttivaMente a brisk walk punctuated by HolisticTechniques, Aexercise burns fat   - Sunday 08:30 am Yoga Nature lesson, one hour  

Sud Suites: .360.-- (Price per person)

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Corner Suites: .350,-- (Price per person)

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Studio JSuite: .340,-- (Price per person)

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Romantic JSuite: 320.,-- (Price per persona)

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On request you can lengthen or shorten the period of stay